People have cool stories, but it’s super awkward to ask anyone deep questions.

Coming out of university, I had a pretty much impossible time making new friends. I’m a notorious people lover, story-addict, hater of awkward silences, but even for me – it’s really hard to ask those first questions.

Finally, stuck in a tent in the Rockies during a snowstorm with semi-friends I’d hung out with only a few times, I told myself enough. was. enough. I took my deck of cards and started writing questions on them. We kept playing cards, asking each other questions, and slowly, the stories around us started to spark.

After winning $5k in a district-wide pitch competition to start Basecamp Cards, I rolled out V1 - a deck of conversational playing cards for unplugged connections.

Seven years and 3,000+ 5 star reviews later, we’re now on a mission to start 5M conversations in camps, cabins, tents, hikes, cafes – wherever a connection is needed or a story can be told.

So, my first question for you: will you join the conversation?

Can’t remember the rules? Neither can we. Here are our favourites for your next game night!

Our values

  • Fun first.

    We believe in the power of laughter and play. We want people to enjoy the experience and to return to it whenever they need some levity.

  • Accessible experience.

    Our cards are an easy way to bring people together. We know the road brings with it discomfort–we design for ease of use and safety for everyone.

  • Community focus.

    We see our product as a tool for fostering connection, anytime, anywhere. Fill out this copy block a bit more to balance the other columns.

  • Anchor communication.

    Kind communication leads to a kinder world. Our goal is to make communication a little simpler, while focusing on meaningful conversations.

  • Make the world better.

    We’re all about growth–as humans, as a community, as a planet. Our product strives to do no harm to earth and builds bridges between those inhabiting it.